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Carpet Cleaning
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Rancho Cucamonga Air Duct Cleaning Experts

Our air ducts are so important – they work hard to circulate our heated, and cooled air throughout our homes, and places of business. As important as they are though, we tend to completely take them for granted. In fact, most people only look up at their air ducts when they are checking to see if their vents are open enough, or slanted in the right direction.

If we take a behind the scenes look inside our air duct system, we will see that all that circulated, and re-circulated air tends to leave tiny deposits inside our duct system. These tiny particles can include pollen, bacteria, dust, dead bugs, drywall dust, mold, mildew, allergens, pet dander, smoke, viruses, odors, and many other undesirable materials that can cause us problems.

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Question: “What problems can breathing this material cause us?”

Answer: Continually breathing polluted air duct air, can have any number effects on people, and pets alike. This can include coughing, sneezing, water eyes, runny nose, headaches, depression, itchy skin, asthma, flu like symptoms, and other respiratory problems.

Question: “I thought indoor air was supposed to be cleaner than outdoor air?”

Answer: Both indoor, and outdoor air, can be dirty and polluted. Unless you live high in the Swiss Alps, chances are, you are going to have dirty, outdoor air. As Californians, we are used to both dirty, smog filled air, and clean ocean breezes. What is little known, is that indoor air can be many, many times dirtier than outdoor air. Chemicals and additives in our furniture, clothes, carpets, and household items can give off microscopic particles that, when combined with cooking fumes, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and tightly closed interior spaces, all contribute to polluted indoor air.

Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning Experts has the advanced cleaning techniques, and expertise needed, to inspect, and clean the insides of your air ducts. We offer this affordable, but much needed service to area residents for their residential, and commercial needs.

Question: “What methods does Carpet Cleaning Experts in Rancho Cucamonga use to clean air ducts?”

Answer: Our specialized high-powered brushes loosen, and remove the built up grime and particles from the walls of your air ducts. We then use an equally high-powered vacuum system to powerfully suck the debris, and harmful particles right out of your ducts, and into a sealed canister for disposal. This process is noisy, but very effective for removing harmful contaminants from your air ducts, and it keeps them from being constantly re-circulated throughout your home for you, and your loved ones to breathe.

Question: “I live in a brand new house, should I wait awhile to get my air ducts cleaned?”
Answer: No. Have our technicians do an air duct inspection to see if you have need of a full blown cleaning. Even new buildings can have harmful elements in the air ducts like insulation material, asbestos, drywall dust, and other left over construction scraps.

Call Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning Experts to have your air ducts inspected, or cleaned. Start breathing spring-fresh indoor air, at your home, or office today by calling us, and making an appointment. We promise that your lungs will thank you!

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