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Carpet Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning

Rancho Cucamonga Upholstery Cleaning Experts

A world within a world – that is what our upholstered furniture is. Let us explain – the woven fabric on our upholstered furniture is home to many millions of tiny organisms, and microbes. They live, thrive, and reproduce right under our noses in our mattresses, throw pillows, and other pieces with a fabric lining, or stuffing interior.
Question: “What tiny organisms are you talking about?”

Answer: Upholstered furniture can contain living and non living organisms and particles like: bacteria, dust mites, pollen, allergens, mold, mildew, food particles, lipstick, ink, blood, urine, sweat, pet hair, drywall dust, grime, mud, pet dander, crayon markings, dead human skin cells, dead insects and many other undesirable items. Some of these can cause irritations and disease – others can cause smells, or are unsightly.

To make matters worse, dust mites can reproduce so rapidly, that your bed mattress alone can contain several pounds of them, right at this moment. If moisture or dampness is present, mold, mildew and bacteria can multiply, and spread quickly as well.

The reason we call it a world within a world, is because we rarely think about all these grime particles, and living organisms while we are relaxing on our family room sofa after a hard day at work.

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All upholstered furniture reacts differently to grime, and or, microbes. Some furniture will develop odor, some will look and feel dingy, and some won’t have any outwardly visible signs at all. Even rarely used woven fabric like rare, expensive wall hangings and tapestries, can have millions of dust mites, and pollen living within it’s fibers.
Question: “What furniture items are most susceptible to getting dirty like this?”

Answer: Your most commonly used items are most likely to have grime, and dirt. Even unused pieces can have dust, pollen, and other allergens that have been circulating in the air ducts. Any piece with woven fabric will need periodic upholstery cleaning by a professional company like Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning Experts.

Our well trained, and highly skilled, upholstery cleaning technicians are experts at getting your upholstered furniture pieces their cleanest. We routinely clean sofas, recliners, bar stools, mattresses, throw pillows, sofa cushions, home theater seats, car seats, dog beds, chaise lounges, footstools, bar stools, futon mattresses, bed pillows, patio furniture, tapestries, and many other fabric covered items.

We use highly effective, yet safe for all, cleaning techniques like hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry foam cleaning. We recommend that you have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 6 months to a year, depending on usage, and circumstances. Say goodbye to smelly, grimy, unsightly furniture, as well as to runny nose, itchy skin, and water eyes, by having a professional upholstery cleaning by Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Cleaning Experts.

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